Rabu, 16 November 2011

How To Wear A Turban For Hijaber

What is Turban???
From Wiki :

In English, Turban refers to several types of headwear popularly worn in the Middle East, North Africa and Southwest Asia.

A commonly used synonym is Pagri, the Indian word for turban.

Women in many parts of Africa and the West Indies often cover their heads with intricately tied scarves which may be called scarves, head wraps, or turbans. People of Kenya tie a distinct style, sometimes called "valeti style".

Turban Simple but Sensational from age to age
Hollywood Actress in Timeless Turban

Contemporary turbans come in many shapes, sizes, and colours.

Turban are so cool nowadays!!!

But For Hijabi Like Us -Covering the Neck and chest is the Best Way to wear Turban. :)

Actually its Easy to Create a Turban 
U can just Wrap it with Phasmina. 
(For A Tie Dye-Phasmina, Visit Here)

This Is another  tutorial From Yuna - Our Hijabi sister
For Those who wants to create a turban for daily look
Check This Out Lady!!

Keep Shar'ie and Keep Stunning Dear
Go Fashion For Faith!!!

Retno Kusumawardani