Minggu, 02 Desember 2012

Eye Catchy Bags n' Clutches of Olympia Le - Tan


No, They're NOT!! 
These are Catchy Bags and Clutches By Olympia Le-Tan
Really sick and Brilliant isn't it? :))
 While Chanel, Hermes and Celine are all pretty amazing, we like to mix it up a bit and what better way than with these one of a kind Olympia Le -Tan book-clutches.
This self-taught fashion designer studied and learned with the classics, starting her career at the Chanel Studio with Karl Lagerfeld to working with Balmain and within one year collaborating with A.P.C. and J.M. Weston. 

Not a bad resume to have!  Le -Tan incorporated her love of books and her edgy Parisian style into this uniquely hand crafted collection of bags and clutches. These bags have already been seen on the likes of fashions’ elite all over Europe and is catching up here in the states. The collection includes some literally classics such as Lolita, Moby Dick, Catcher in the Rye, The Great Gatsby and if that doesn’t entice you, you can always wear the “ultimate chill pill”.

 It's apear Everywhere!!! 
From street, a Fashion Week 
into Red Carpet 


From a regular teenager into many famous people!


Everybody wear it! Everybody love it! 
I love it too ^^

Recently when Hollywood star Natalie Portman and French super star Clemence Poesy attended different releases with the same style of handbags by coincidence,The French brand Olympia Le-Tan suddenly came into focus.

 People especially young ladies are so crazy about the handbag. Then how does this new and childish design idea come to the public?
The designer of this series of handbag is Olympia Le-Tan who once worked in Louis Vuitton, Balenciaga, YS and other big bag-design companies. Finally, she chose handbag design as her main career and was popularized by her first handbag design of You can‘t judge a book by its cover in September of 2009. Since then, the handbags of Olympia Le-Tan frequently showed on many famous magazines and the famous fashion journal ELLE especially promoted bags of this brand. You should know then artistic young men were proud of having a handbag of this brand.
Olympia Le-Tan makes use of canvas and embroidery to replicate the book cover so as to render nostalgic feeling and some paterns are even in the French humor. 

How to matching clothes at the appearance of  this bag?
In a word, be simple if you can. But the principle is you should possibly choose elegant collocation of dress, or small formal attire dress, or casual clothing of simple color. You can be as creative as you can, so your intellectual temperament can get incisively and vividly expressed, naturally to be matched with so called “bag” grace. In turn, one of the best characteristics is that you can choose what kind of books you want, that is, it can be customerized. But I don’t mean that you can choose any book with any content. What I really mean is the book is what you have read or is reading. Otherwise if someone refers to it or ask you the reason you choose that, you won’t be embarrassed then. In different occasions, choose the right one to represent you is the most important.

Really Interesting right??

Mom, Can I get one please??? @_@